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Webinar on “Art of Equity Fund Raising for Startups”

By | Webinar

CMIA’s MAGIC is pleased to invite you to join the Webinar on “Art of Equity Fund Raising for Startups” for the benefit of Startups, Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Incubator Professionals.

CMIA’s MAGIC is pleased to invite you to join the Webinar on “Art of Equity Fund Raising for Startups” for the benefit of Startups, Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Incubator Professionals.

Speaker: Mr. Vikarant Potnis, InCorp Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
Date: Wednesday, 15th July 2020
Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Mode: Online via Zoom

Participants can register themselves by using the link.
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/fgVy3Au18v8u2LeR7

Webinar on Art of Equity Fund Raising For Startups

Date: 15th July 2020 Time: 5:30pm

Link to the Webinar will be shared to the registered participants prior to the Webinar.

No registration fee but prior registration is required.

Last date to register: 14th July 2020.

MAGIC Marathwada Women Entrepreneurs Summit-2020

By | Summit

Marathwada Women Entrepreneurs Summit -2020 is one of its kind initiative taken by CMIA’s Marathwada Accelerator for Growth and Incubation Council (MAGIC) to promote and celebrate Women Entrepreneurship in Marathwada Region.

MAGIC will host Marathwada Women Entrepreneurs Summit -2020, on Saturday, 14th March 2020 from 9:00am – 6:00pm in The Intuition of Engineers (India) Aurangabad. Marathwada Women Entrepreneurs Summit -2020 is a day long program consists of Exhibition, Keynote Address and Expert Sessions by Successful Women Entrepreneurs and Domain Experts across the country. Expert will guide participants on Design Thinking & Innovation, Women in Technology, Leadership, Marketing and Branding etc.

CMIA’s MAGIC in association with GIZ has established Innovation Facilitation Cell for Women Entrepreneur at Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture (CMIA) to identify potential Women Entrepreneurs/Startups and guide them to Scale-up their business through required professional support by experts & mentors. This One Day Women Entrepreneurs Summit 2020 is supported by GIZ under MSME INNO Project and Institution of Engineers (India) Aurangabad.

Who can attend?

  1. Women Entrepreneurs/ Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs
  2. MSME
  3. Women Innovators
  4. Working Professionals
  5. Students and Faculties.

Participants will get an opportunity to meet and interact with Successful Entrepreneurs and learn from Industry Experts.

Marathwada Women Entrepreneurs Summit 2020 provides excellent opportunity to showcase the products and services developed by Women Entrepreneurs in the Marathwada Region.

Women Entrepreneurs are invited to book the stalls at nominal charges; to block the stall contact – 9168089444.

Program is free for the participants, prior registration mandatory, individuals can register by using the given link; https://forms.gle/xExp52PZtnoMBdcQ7

For more details mail us on contact@magicaurangabad.com or visit CMIA Office, Station Road, Aurangabad.


Product Packaging and Labeling

By | Workshop

CMIA’s MAGIC to host One Day Workshop on Product Packaging and Labeling for Startups & MSME on Saturday 22nd February 2020 by Mr. Rajiv Agarwal Director BNPACK.
He is pioneer in developing Eco Friendly Biodegradable paperbased solutions with replacement of single use plastic and also Introduced the concept of Multicolored Flexo printed Automatic cartons which has benefitted many consumer industries.

This Workshop is Supported by GIZ

Time: 10:30 – 4:00pm
Venue: CMIA Aurangabad

Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- per participants

Registration Link:

For more details please visit CMIA office or write to us contact@magicaurangabad.com

CMIA & MAGIC participated in the Advantage Maharashtra Expo 2020  

By | Exhibition

CMIA & MAGIC participated in the Advantage Maharashtra Expo 2020 

CMIA & MAGIC participated in the Advantage Maharashtra Expo 2020 held at Aurangabad on 9th -12th January 2020, showcased Activities and Initiatives taken to promote Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Marathwada Region. Connected with potential Startups & SMEs at the Exhibition.
MAGIC & CMIA’S Innovation Promotion Cell facilitated 5 Women Entrepreneurs and 1 Startup Exhibit their products & services at Advantage Maharashtra Expo 2020 at Aurangabad held on 9th -12th January 2020, GIZ and MSME supported as part of MSME INNO Project.

Digital Marketing Workshop 

By | Workshop

CMIA’s MAGIC hosted Workshop on Digital Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs, Startups & SME’s on 30th December 2019 at Aurangabad. Session was organised as part of Innovation Promotion Cell for Women Entrepreneurs supported by GIZ. 40 participants attended the Workshop and learnt about use of digital marketing tools.  

Interactive Session on Creating Market Mix

By | Session

CMIA’s MAGIC hosted Interactive Session on Creating Market Mix for the Startups on 27th December 2019 at CMIA. Various queries and challenges related to marketing were addressed by Mr. Rajesh Chanchlani, Director, CBFC Ltd. 18 Startup Founders actively interacted and received feedback from the expert.

Session on Marketing Mantras for Women Entrepreneurs

By | Seminar

CMIA’s MAGIC hosted Session on Marketing Mantras for Women Entrepreneurs by Omprakash Zalani, Mentor and Trainer, Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) on 26th November 2019 at CMIA. Session was organised as part of Innovation Promotion Cell for Women Entrepreneurs supported by GIZ. 50 Participants attended and participated in various activities.

Women Entrepreneurship Workshop

By | Workshop

Ministry of MSME Govt. of India in association with MSME-DI, CMIA’s MAGIC, IGTR, organised Women Entrepreneurship Workshop on 22nd November 2019 to create awareness among Women about Entrepreneurship & Innovation. 70+ Students, Micro Entrepreneurs attended the Workshop and interacted with the experts.

Mr. Rajiv Vaishnav, Managing Partner, Cornerstone Venture Partners, Ms. Natasha Zarine, Co-Founder, EcoSattva, Ms. Divya Raithatha, Director, Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Ms. Ketki Kokil, Director, Ecosense Appliances, Ms. Deepali Chandak, Wisdom Xtra Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Mr. H D Kapse, GM, IGTR Aurangabad, Mr. Kamleish Dhoot, Vice President, CMAI, Officials from MSME DI Aurangabad and KPMG shared their expertise and guided the participants on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Finance and Social Innovation.

MAGIC hosted 2 Days Startup Bootcamp at IGTR

By | Bootcamp

CMIA’s Marathwada Accelerator for Growth and Incubation Council (MAGIC) aims to create startup ecosystem in the Marathwada Region by mentoring technology based scalable business ideas, MAGIC provide incubation support, prototyping and testing services to the startups to create impact in Marathwada Region.

CMIA’s Marathwada Accelerator for Growth and Incubation Council (MAGIC) in association with GIZ and Indo German Tool Room (IGTR) hosted 2 Days Startup Bootcamp for the Startups, Innovators and SME’s in the Marathwada Region on 19th & 20th (Saturday and Sunday) October 2019 at Indo-German Tool Room (IGTR) Aurangabad.

The 2 day Bootcamp was conducted by the experts Mr Mukesh Ashar & Mr Deepak Meharia. The bootcamp focused the topics like startup business sustainability, scalability through taking the participant understand from basic of Entrepreneurship, innovation, customer empathy, business modelling, business plan, Presentation and pitching to stakeholder.


More than 40 participants participated in the bootcamp comprising Startups, Students and Faculties from various Institutes from Aurangabad.
Prof (Dr.) Devanand B. Shinde, Vice-Chancellor, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Mr H.D. Kapse, Managing Director, IGTR Aurangabad, Mr Shankar Kumar, Technical Advisor GIZ New Delhi, Mr Ritesh Mishra, Director MAGIC and Mr Tasvvar Ali, Technical Advisor GIZ inaugurated the program and presented wishes to all participants for the bootcamp.

The 2 Days Startup Bootcamp conducted using Experiential Learning Pedagogy, which means participants engaged in hands-on activities rather than learning only theories. Startups got a chance to specifically work on their own project ideas.

On the first day at bootcamp, participants learnt about the Entrepreneurship and the Innovations in the Startups. The session on Idea to Reality was a learning experience to all participants. Participants were introduced to the 6 E’s Model (Explore, Empathise, Experiment, Execute, Enjoy, Evolve) where they got to know about the stages for turning any innovative/startup idea into reality.

Also a new approach about the Solution to Problem was introduced to participants in which they identified few solutions/businesses from their daily life use and tried to find out the actual problem they are solving.
On the second day of workshop, the participants presented the Problems, which they had identified on the first day of workshop on a chart and explained to the rest participants.

The next session was on the Business Model Canvas, where u get to understand the all aspects of your Business and the solution you are building for your customers. This session was conducted like an activity where the participants represented each element of canvas model and tried to find out the relation between them.
After this activity, the participants prepared the Business plan using the canvas model for the Problems they had identified and presented in the morning session. Later the mentors and the participants has one to one close door interaction meeting to understand the actual problems participants are facing in there Startups/Businesses.
The concluding session was about Value Proposition and open QnA session where participants interacted with the faculties.

Mr Ashish Garde, Mr Prasad Kokil, Director MAGIC and Past President CMIA and Mr Ritesh Mishra took efforts to make the programme successful.
The valedictory function was conducted in presence of Mr Shivparasad Jaju, Hon Secretary CMIA, where he inspired and motivated all the participants through his speech. Mr H.D. Kapse, Managing Director, IGTR Aurangabad, Mr Mahesh Kattale, Manager Incubation and CMIA Secretariat were present for the valedictory function.
The 2 Days Bootcamp covered the following modules:
1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation
2. Idea to Reality
3. Value Proposition
4. Problem Elaboration
5. Customer Empathy
6. Business modelling
7. Business Planning – Financial Projection, Sustainability, Scalability, Audience & Stakeholder, Presentation Content

Incubation support will be provided by MAGIC to the potential startup team post Bootcamp.