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StartUp Weekend

GIZ and CMIA dream up a winning platform for innovation in Aurangabad

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GIZ and CMIA dream up a winning platform for innovation in Aurangabad

 Team YS

There are startup workshops and then are startup workshops. In a recent initiative by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a German federal enterprise that strives towards international cooperation, and the Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture (CMIA) incubator Marathwada Accelerator for Growth & Incubation Centre (MAGIC), Startup Weekend was organised in Aurangabad to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in small towns of India.

Winning team Dextart at the Startup Weekend workshop.

The intention of the Startup Weekend was to lay the template for future engagement between academia and industry to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in small towns in India.

Attended by over 50 engineering graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs, the event successfully achieved in providing a starting point to those thinking of starting their own venture without moving to the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, or Bengaluru, where startup culture thrives.

“This was a good initiative,” said Pawan Rochwani, a participant who runs his own startup. “Usually, we have to travel to Mumbai or Pune to interact with entrepreneurs and mentors to network and understand the opportunities available to people like me,” he said.

Talking about Aurangabad, located in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, President of CMIA Prasad Kokil said it was part of the ancient silk trade route that went all the way to Rome, adding that the region has entrepreneurship in its DNA. Noting that the culture of entrepreneurship had declined since then, Kokil said the CMIA has been able to reignite it in its 50 years of existence.


Startup Weekend, Aurangabad

By | StartUp Weekend

Making ideas work

It is the first time that Aurangabad has witnessed a Startup Weekend. An initiative by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a German federal enterprise that strives towards international cooperation, and CMIA’s incubator Marathwada Accelerator for Growth & Incubation Centre (MAGIC), the Startup Weekend was intended to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in small towns of India.

As many as 50 students and aspiring entrepreneurs had signed up for this intensive three-day workshop, from December 1 to 3, where they received hands-on mentoring and guidance on how to put their business ideas to work.

As a local innovator, it was only natural that Anerao was exposed to this in the hope that connections could be made and his story taken to more people.

Tasvvar Ali, the GIZ representative in Aurangabad, has a knack for spotting talent. He has been striving tirelessly to promote local innovation in the town’s many engineering colleges and create a bridge between the academia and industry.

Tasvvar Ali (centre) advising participants

He offers to help Anerao by making a formal presentation for his innovation and introduce him to various forums and associations that award local innovation. This is a big step.

Speaking at the Startup Weekend event on igniting entrepreneurship, Rajeev Vaishnav, a startup evangelist, who is associated with industry bodies like TiE, said, “Unless we connect the smaller towns, the vision of Startup India will not be fulfilled.”

The story of Aurangabad’s Startup Weekend is thus crucial to understand how the various stakeholders right from academic institutions to local industry and government bodies to the industries themselves can achieve the vision of Startup India.

Among the 50 young participants, it was heartening to notice a fair amount of girls at the workshop. In the three days, they patiently heard speakers give them an overview of the entrepreneurship world at large, inspiring them to think big.

Participants discuss their business model

But the best, as many of them told me later, was the hands-on work they did on the Business Model Canvas (BMC) tool aided by mentors, who are entrepreneurs themselves, that made the most impact.

Igniting a spark

Nikhil Jois, Co-founder of Eventosaur, Mahendra Pyati, Co-founder of Aao Hostels, and Hemanshu Jain, Co-founder of Diabeto (acquired by Livongo), are no strangers to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, and have often been ‘partners-in-crime’ (if you know what I mean) with YourStory, travelling around the country to inspire youngsters to dream big.

Nikhil Jois

According to Mahendra, “The spirit of entrepreneurship is in the air across the country and everyone wants to do something — small or big. I think replicating some of the already successful models – small scale or social enterprise – will go a long way specifically for places like Aurangabad.” Hemanshu added, “It should be easy for them to even get an early acquisition from a big giant in that case.”

On the final day of the workshop, the participants pitched their ideas to the mentors. Though there were three winners, there were other pitches as well that impressed the judges. “I’d have to go with the locally made solar panels as my top pick outside the winners,” said Nikhil. “A couple of other memorable ones include – healthier home-cooked meals delivered in an easy-to-cook format, and the online nursery that delivers plants, flowers, manure etc., inclusive of a subscription model-based gardener package,” he added.

Mahendra Pyati (left) interacting with a participant.

(Photos by R Raja)


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7 reasons why students and aspiring entrepreneurs should attend GIZ-CMIA’s Startup Weekend

By | Magic in News, StartUp Weekend

7 reasons why students and aspiring entrepreneurs should attend GIZ-CMIA’s Startup Weekend in Aurangabad

Got a great idea that you know will be a great business? Have you been told you are too young to embark on your entrepreneurial journey? Or maybe you feel that being away from the well-known startup hubs put you at a disadvantage? Well, no more.

German federal enterprise GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the Chamber of Marathwada Industries Association (CMIA) are hosting a Startup Weekend that aims to help students and aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into successful, scalable businesses via the Startup Weekend, a mega workshop that aims to boost the startup ecosystem in the Marathwada region.

According to CMIA President Prasad Kokil, the event is an endeavour to engage with aspiring entrepreneurs, including students, who have ideas on new emerging technologies such as digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence (AI). The idea is to use the workshop to provide them with the support, technical assistance and mentorship that they need to create and run viable businesses.

The three-day event will be held on December 1-3, 2017 in Aurangabad.


YourStory is proud to partner with GIZ and CMIA to facilitate three days of strong innovation, new ideas and fresh learning for students and aspiring entrepreneurs, and to help them achieve their startup ambitions.

If you are looking to startup or have just begun your startup journey, here are xx reasons you need to mark your calendar:

1. Learn everything about turning an idea into a business

Think of the Startup Weekend as a ‘How to Succeed at Entrepreneurship 101’ deep-dive session. Participants will get an overview of the Indian job market and learn from entrepreneurs who succeeded (and those who failed). From these entrepreneurs, you will learn the basics of how to build a team and how present your startup vision to investors and potential partners. At the workshop, you will present the idea (as part of a group) to an experienced panel whose expertise will help you tweak your idea so that it grows into a successful business.

2. Network like a pro…with the pros

You will also have the opportunity to network with peers, mentors, and facilitators who will guide you through the workshop and help answer fundamental questions. Meet the people who matter and could influence, guide and help you build a successful career as an entrepreneur.

3. Learn the nittie-gritties of the startup ecosystem

To take your business to the next level, you need to have an in-depth understanding of how entrepreneurship works from the ground up. Get an overview of important sectors like healthcare, education, commerce, finance, and social enterprise. Learn how to inculcate design thinking, how to compartmentalise challenges and priorities, how to adopt a lean methodology. Learn the basics of revenue modelling, how to test your ideas in the market and how to create visual maps.

4. Get some hands-on experience in creating business plans

Day 2 will also see you participating in an ‘ideathon’ based on BMC – a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that will allow participants to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot their business model.

You will use the Business Model Canvas to identify strengths and lacuane in your business ideas, ask mentors and facilitators to help cover gaps in your knowledge, build a solid business case, and pitch to potential investors. The modules also cover areas such as

how to manage the funds you’ve raised
how to hire for your startup
how to network and find mentors/advisors/coaches, and of course,
how to market your startup

5. Sharp focus on select sectors to maximise impact and takeaways

Given Aurangabad’s growing reputation as a manufacturing hub, the workshop is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs focused on the areas of automation, IOT (Internet of Things), digitalization (Industry 4.0), sheet metal processes, forging and die casting, process engineering, new product development, agriculture innovation, smart manufacturing, 3D printing and prototyping, consultancy services, tool and die manufacturing, precision manufacturing and design services.

6. Learn from the best
A good learning experience stems from having a good teacher and the Startup Weekend has a lineup of mentors who have walked the talk and are more than eager to share their learning experience with you. These are entrpreneurs who have built successful ventures and now want to share their learning with those raring to enter the ecosystem.

The stellar group of mentors includes, among others,

Mahendra Pyati– ES strategy consultant – HP
Nikhil Jois– Co-founder – Eventosaur
Hemanshu Jain – Co-Founder – Diabeto
Dr.Tausif Malik – Indian American Social Entrepreneur, Treasurer to Democratic Party USA’s India Chapter (Democrats Abroad).
Rajesh Kumar G – Founder – Highway Delite

7. Brought to you by the best

The Startup Weekend is being organised by GIZ, a global provider of international co-operation services for sustainable development and education, which strives to bring political, economic, and social change in over 130 countries and envisions a balanced and sustainable future. CMIA is the apex body of industries in the region. It comprises over 635 small, medium and large-scale industries of the Marathwada region. All leading companies, including multinationals in the region, are part of this esteemed organisation.

To be part of this amazing learning experience, sign up now. There are limited seats available. A nominal participation fee of Rs 1,000 will be charged, which will go towards your food and other logistics for the duration of the workshop.

Don’t lose out on this unique opportunity to make your startup dream a reality.

Learn everything about entrepreneurship from leaders in the startup ecosystem at the GIZ-CMIA Startup Weekend

By | Magic in News, StartUp Weekend

Learn everything about entrepreneurship from leaders in the startup ecosystem at the GIZ-CMIA Startup Weekend

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting up, but are not sure how to go about it, the Startup Weekend may just be what you’re looking for. Hosted by the German federal enterprise GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the Chamber of Marathwada Industries Association (CMIA), the event aims to help students and aspiring entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into successful, scalable businesses.

The mega workshop which aims to boost the startup ecosystem in the Marathwada region is open to aspiring entrepreneurs and college students. Startup Weekend is an endeavor to provide potential entrepreneurs with ideas on new emerging technologies such as digitization, automation and artificial intelligence, among others, and get support, mentor-ship and technical assistance they need to create and run viable businesses.


The three-day programme in Aurangabad starts on Friday, December 1 and ends on Sunday, December 3.

Whats in store

Participants will get an overview of the Indian job market and learn everything about running a business from established entrepreneurs. This includes the basics of how to build a team and how to present your startup vision to investors and potential partners. They will get an overview of important sectors such as healthcare, education, commerce, finance, and social enterprise. Participants will learn how to inculcate design thinking, compartmentalize challenges and priorities, adopt a lean methodology, and even how to test ideas in the market. Those who sign up for the programme will participate in an ‘ideathon’. The modules also cover how to manage funds raised, how to network and find mentors, and how to how to market a startup. The programme will see entrepreneurs, both new and aspiring, being guided by experts and mentors who are thought leaders of the startup ecosystem and big names in the field of entrepreneurship. 

[Also read: The three-day Startup Weekend is a mega workshop that aims to boost the startup ecosystem in the Marathwada region]

Meet the mentors who are a part of the team for the workshop.  

Dr Tausif Malik

Dr Malik is an Indian American Social Entrepreneur and Treasurer of the Democratic Party USA’s India Chapter (Democrats Abroad). A respected pubIic speaker and promoter of the startup ecosystem through events such as AIMBSN, India Startup Fest, SchooIpreneur and GCCStartup Fest, he believes that initiatives such as Make in India, Digital India, SkiII India, and Startup India, Standup India could soIve the problem of unemployment.

Dr Malik is also actively involved in promoting the startup ecosystem in the Gulf region with initiatives across the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. He has been nominated and shortlisted for multiple awards in the US and the UAE. He is Managing Editor and Publisher for www.GCCStartup.news – the first startup and entrepreneurship news portal in the Gulf, editor for the TheDesiTimes.com Chicago and Managing Publisher for the US edition of asianlite.com.

Dr Malik holds Bachelor and Master of Commerce degrees from the Institute of Management Education (IME) (PGDBM), Pune and Argosy University-Chicago, respectively. He also has a Doctorate in Business Administration. He has served as a judge and mentor at major startup competitions across the globe.

Nikhil Jois 

Nikhil Jois is the Co-founder and CEO at Eventosaur – a tech company that helps people plan events, ranging from birthday parties to weddings and corporate events. He is also a marketing and sales consultant at FabReach – a creative agency that specialises in content strategy consulting and execution. Originally from Bangalore, Nikhil started his career as an academic author and editor who helped create business school material for publishers such as Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Wiley in the US, UK, and Canada. He started his first company in the education space to help college students become more employable. In his free time, he loves discussing stories, design, tech, productivity, habits, fitness, leadership, sales, and marketing. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BIT Mesra, Ranchi.

A multi-lingual, Nikhil says he’s looking forward to making some new friends in Auranagabad and is happy to stay in touch and answer your queries even after the event.

Hemanshu Jain 

Hemanshu Jain or ‘Heman’ as he is popularly known is the COO/ Co-founder at Diabeto, which was recently acquired by Livongo Health Inc. The Mumbai-based entrepreneur has a wide range of work experience with stints at Yahoo, HDFC Life Insurance and a startup Ticketplease.com, which was acquired during its early stages. His career that spans marketing, operations, manufacturing and sales, and he has also helped in the digital marketing of a few Bollywood movies.

Hemanshu holds a degree in mechanical engineering. In his spare time, he plays the bass guitar.

Mayank Gandhi

Mayank Gandhi is part of the Mergers & Acquisition (Tax & Regulatory) group at Price Waterhouse Coopers. He is a specialist in M&A, Corporate Restructuring and Deals and is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

With over six years of varied experience in tax, regulatory, and corporate finance, he has worked extensively on diverse transactions in the corporate restructuring and deals space for large multinationals and Indian companies across industries. He has also advised companies on entry / exit planning, growth and succession of family businesses and is actively involved in mentoring startups.

He is a regular speaker on M&A related topics before various fora and is a regular contributor to news blogs.

Mahendra Pyati

Mahendra Pyati is the co-founder of aaohostels.com and the founder of Havyasa, a unique hobby club, and founder trustee of NavPrabuti Trust, a vocational training centre for adults with Autism. An entrepreneur and a strategist, with a knack for getting to the root cause of any problem, he is popularly known as the ‘Quality Guy’ within his network.  He loves meeting new people and is a great mentor, who keen to transfer his skills to others around him. In his spare time, he enjoys Aero Modelling, Photography and long-distance biking.

Sridhar D P

Sridhar DP is Founder & Chief Integrator at Innovation Enabler. He is a Senior Industry Advisor with a decade-and-a-half of consulting experience. His engagement portfolio ranges from High Performance Consulting to the field of Innovation as a Metamorphic Futurist. He has led a number of Management level Consulting assignments with Telecom, Energy, Manufacturing and Healthcare Majors. Sridhar holds an Executive MBA from IIMB, a degree in Innovation & IP from IISc, Bangalore and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. He is also pursuing a post graduate degree in Intellectual Property from the National Law School of India University.

Dipti Nair

Dipti Nair has over 20 years of experience in the print, web, television, and internet radio space. She is an award-winning storyteller. She has worked in organisations like The Free Press Journal, The Telegraph, and Deccan Herald. She has also written for The National Geographic Traveller – India, India Today – Travel Plus, and Little India, a US-based NRI magazine.

Dipti loves writing about places and people to bring out their untold stories. She is particularly keen to explore the intersection of technology and human behaviour; and at YourStory, India’s largest digital platform for startups and entrepreneurs, she is documenting this interesting phenomenon through storytelling. She was presented the SCARF-PII Media for Mental Health Awards for her story on YourStory.com titled ‘Is depression a well-guarded secret in the startup world.’

Source: https://yourstory.com/2017/11/giz-cmia-startup-weekend-aurangabad/